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LinkedIn (and maybe Twitter) for more sales


You need:

  • to learn how to unleash the undocumented power of LInkedIn to get more sales
  • to laugh while you're learning it
  • to learn it before your competition does

I can help, because:

  • i've discovered secrets about LinkedIn that no one else knows, like:
  • I know the inner details of Internet Marketing, due to my background as VP of Operations for a search engine

I have credibility, including:

  • Testimonials
  • TV and news appearances
  • Countless satisfied clients, including:
    • American Marketing Association
    • Harvard School of Public Health
    • Johns Hopkins University
    • MPI, Meeting Professionals International  (Platinum speaker)
      • International Conferences, twice a year
      • Atlanta Regional Conference
      • Heartland Regional Conference
      • Carolina Regional Conference
    • National Association of Telecom Dealer
    • Association of Corporate Growth (ACG, Private Equity Firms)
    • Networking Partners VC Group
    • Northeastern University
    • National Speakers Association Regional Conference
    • more at event and client list

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