Alexander Murphy, Reading, MA, Unreliable Video Services (Boston)

Alexander Murphy, Reading, MA, Unreliable Videographer (Boston)

I had a contract with this kid to videotape a presentation in front of 60 people at the AMA in Boston, and he blew it off, for no reason whatsoever.

The presentation was at 6:30, and he had confirmed with me at 2:00 that he would be there.

At 6:15, just 15 minutes before the presentation was supposed to start, his father David Murphy from Reading, MA, (near Boston) calls me and leaves a message, saying, "sorry to disappoint you, but Alex won't make it". No reason.


It was too late for me to implement any type of backup plan. The one opportunity that I had to videotape this presentation was gone. I could have even bought an HD camcorder for the same price that I was going to pay him to videotape it if I'd known a an hour ahead of time instead of 15 minutes ahead of time.

HIs father, David Murphy, sends me an email later with an explanation saying, "I sometimes forget he is 17", when he really meant to say "I sometimes forget he isn't trustworthy or responsible".

Don't trust him.