ASTD jobs project:


  • Research companies that have training jobs available, and contact them and ask if they would like to come to our next meeting, June 7th, and do 5 minute speed interviews with our members who are looking for work
  • Call the companies
  • Build a list


  1. Go to
    1. in the search in the upper right hand corner, click for Jobs
    2. on the right, click Advanced
      1. on the left say “show more” to get zip code
      2. on the left, where it says zip code, put in 02115, and put in 50 miles
    3. see results for
      1. trainer
        1. to eliminate personal trainer and athletic trainer positions, you may have to say
          1. –personal  –athletic
      2. Then try the same with
        1. instructor
        2. "course developer"
        3. instructional
    4. there should be 10-20 results or more
      1. do research to get the following
        1. company name
        2. job title
        3. hiring manager’s name
          1. look it up in LinkedIn to see if they gave phone or email address
        4. get phone number
          1. LinkedIn should have web page at top of job listing
          2. Otherwise, use google
        5. call them and use the script
        6. document the above in a spread sheet, and also have a column
          1. did you talk to them? Voicemail?
          2. Notes – if you talked, what did they say?
        7. Get email address if possible
        8. URL of the job posting
        9. whether the ad came from LinkedIn,, or somewhere else
      2. and example of the results file can be found at jobs list
  1. Then go to at do the same type of thing
  2. Then try for the same thing
    1. In fact, to try for training jobs in the Boston area, you can find hundreds of them listed if you search for


    1. it may also be necessary to remove dog trainers, etc by saying  -dog
  1. then try it at
  2. then
  3. then
  4. Then maybe try the sites above for words you haven’t used like
    1. Trainers (i.e. see if plurals make a difference), instructor, instructors, training manager, training managers, and a bunch of other searches.

Script for voicemail

Hi, I’m calling from the Greater Boston ASTD, the American Society of Training and Development.  We know that you have a training job available, and we would like to give you a free opportunity to do 5 minute speed interviews with some of our members at our next meeting on Monday evening, June 7th at Rebecca’s in Newton.

If you are interested, please call our President-elect, Patrick O’Malley, at his phone number, which is actually 617-PATRICK.  If you are interested in ASTD, please sign up for our newsletter at our web site, which is at massastd.ORG


for more information, email me at