ASTD Board:


  1. Free membership to local ASTD org ($80)
  2. Free meetings ($20*8=160, $35*8=280)
  3. Free membership to National ASTD
    1. (after a year of service)
  4. Your name on the ASTD web page as VP
    1. This would show up when someone Googles your name
    2. Jeff Nordrum said that every time he interviewed for a job, the interviewer asked him about his involvement in ASTD
    3. Sample video
  5. Better networking
  6. Make ASTD better


  1. VP of Web Technology
    1. New web site
  2. Treasurer (to assist Dave Murphy)
  3. VP Of Communication With ASTD National
    1. Choose and plan national programs
    2. Communicate with other local ASTD groups, ISPI, NEHRA, NSA, etc
    3. Fill out CORE report and other logistical nonsense
    4. Someone to check that everything with National is being done according to rules
      1. Change by-laws as necessary
  4. VP of Marketing
    1. Send out Constant Contact emails
    2. Recruit sponsors, and manage sponsor related activities
    3. Monitor new marketing initiatives like
      1. Google advertising
      2. Facebook advertising
  5. Secretary – take notes on a laptop at board meetings
  6. VP of Programs (multiple people to assist Eric Bloom)
    1. Program pre-planner
    2. Program and logistics planner day of event
  7. Membership director
    1. Multiple people
    2. Fix membership list
  8. VP of New Jobs Program (to assist Michael Sarro)
  9. President-elect


  1. None
  2. Commitment
    1. attend regular meetings
    2. 2 hour board meeting each month
    3. 2 to 4 hours otherwise

Other questions/answers

How often are the regular meetings that you have listed under commitment on your website?

  • typically monthly from September until May

About how many hours per month is the time commitment?

  • attend regular meetings
  • 2 hour board meeting each month
  • 2 to 4 hours otherwise

How many years is a board member's term?

  • There is a current set of by-laws, but we will probably change them. I expect that a term will be one year

Am I correct in understanding that the ASTD meetings are monthly from September - June?

  • They were this year, but most years they only go until May

What are the goals you would like to see the chapter achieve for the next year?

  • My big initiative is to implement more opportunities for our members to get jobs.
    • The idea I want to implement is to have a monthly event before each meeting where 5-10 companies with available training jobs come to the meeting and do 5 minute speed interviews with potential candidates
  • Others will be
    • to set up a set of written procedures for our meetings, which doesn't currently exist. This would help in making sure that meeting preparation and execution are more organized
    • to increase attendance at meetings, and increase membership. The first change will be to drop the price of the meetings to as little as $10 for members and $30 for non-members.
    • to have more structured networking, like the 3 minute speed networking that we did at one of our meetings in Burlington
    • to improve and simplify the current web page by migrating it to a Wordpress platform
    • to have a page available for each board member that will publicly acknowledge them, and will show up on the first page of Google results, proudly showing them as a member of the ASTD board


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