Backup your Verizon cell phone numbers for free!

If you lose your phone, don’t lose your numbers.

Verizon backs up your cell numbers over the airwaves for free! 
Unfortunately, no one seems to know until its too late.

This works for Verizon users, although other carriers probably have a similar feature

Verizon will back up your numbers from your phone to their web site

  • automatically
  • over the airwaves
  • every day
  • for free!

They don’t publicize it, because they are scumbags.

You have to do a couple of things:

  • Create an account at Verizon “My Account”
  • Then, from your phone, download the application, as follows. (Note that this is how it works on an LG8300 phone, and may be slightly different for other phones):
    • From your cell phone “Menu”, go to “Get It Now”
      • Go to “Get Going”
      • Go to “Get New App.
      • Go to “Business tools”
      • Look for Backup Assistant
      • Accept the $1.99 charge.
        • (Note: For My Account customers, this fee will be waived as long as you remain enrolled in My Account. You will not see a charge for this service on your bill.)
        • This is confirmed on their site at
        • Download it and run it
  • If you go to “My Account”, you’ll notice that all of your phone numbers now exist on the Verizon site, so if you lose your phone, you won’t lose all your numbers!
    • Your phone will be backed up every night, at about 2 AM, and will have some message on it like “Get it now” while it is doing it
  • If you have another carrier and know how to do this, please email me at
  • Pretty cool, and in less than two minutes, right?



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