bargaindeals-ca Ebay ticket scam:


We just got ripped off by another Ebay tickets scam, which has happened to me before.

Here's what happened:

  • we bought and paid for 2 tickets to the Black Eyed Peas, and we paid immediately with Paypal to some scumbag named bargaindeals-ca. Tickets were supposedly 5 rows from the stage
  • we went to the show, after
    • I got my date
    • we paid $40 for a cab to take us there (and $40 to get home)
  • Tickets were fake, and had been used by someone already.
  • I contacted bargaindeals-ca through Ebay and gave him my phone number, and of course, bargaindeals-ca never called back.

Ebay doesn't help much in cases like this, and I know because this has happened to me before. Eventually, I got my money back, but Ebay didn't anything to the scammer, so he's still in business with just another piece of negative feedback.

You try to complain through Ebay, and you get the message

We're sorry there's a problem with this purchase. Unfortunately, PayPal reports that we can't open a case for this item. You can try to work out this problem by contacting the seller.

Seller's return policy for this item The seller doesn't accept returns for this item, but we encourage you to contact the seller first. If you can't reach an agreement, we're happy to help.

In other words,

  • you trusted Ebay
  • you got ripped off
  • you went to the arena
  • the tickets didn't work
  • you will probably eventually get your money back, but as if you haven't been screwed enough already, you'll probably put in a lot more time in to get your money back
    • and you'll never get back the time you wasted, or the ability to see the show
  • Ebay made their $4 for the transaction

Of course, I wanted the tickets instead of the money, or I wouldn't have bought them. Ebay could be cool and

  • put these people out of business
  • give them heavy fines if they rip people off

but then they'd lose the $4 on their future transactions.

Moral: Don't trust bargaindeals-ca or tickets on Ebay


P. S. another copule key points

  • scammers like bargaindeals-ca probably figured they didn't get enough money from me, so they resell the tickets to someone else, and if that other person goes in first, they just refund my money. That way, they actually make extra money on the deal.
  • once you buy a ticket from a scammer like bargaindeals-ca, you stop looking for other tickets, which you might have found on Craig's List, Stubhub, or any of the other ticket sites. If Ebay put them out of business, I could have gotten tickets from someone else.