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Professional Speaking Competition

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Text of testimonial from Brian Tracy, best selling sales author & speaker

"Hello, I'm Brian Tracy. I've given more than 5,000 talks and seminars in 65 countries, and I had a remarkable experience last year when I saw Patrick O'Malley at the National Speaker's Association conference.

He won the "Rising Star" Professional Speaking competition in front of 1,000 professional speakers, and I thought he was quite extraordinary. I really enjoyed learning from him as a speaker, and I think you will, too.

If you're thinking of booking a speaker for your next meeting, Patrick will do a wonderful job for you, and you'll be very happy that you did."

Note that he saw me speak about social media for sales, because this was before ChatGPT and AI, but I'm even better now.

Quick description of ChatGPT/AI seminars:

Excited? Scared? Confused? Don't even know what ChatGPT and AI are yet?

You've probably heard about ChatGPT and AI, and you're probably scared and excited. You should be and you shold be. In these speeches, I will show you how they can be amazing for you in business and in life, and I'll tell you a little bit about how it can be scary for the future.

It will also have a dramatic effect on the careers that your children choose, so learn about it before you write next year's tuition check.

You'll also laugh while you're learning it.

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