Catholics come home - if you don't mind child rape by priests

Catholics come home - if you don't mind child rape by priests

It's embarrassing to say you're Catholic.

The Catholic Church is encouraging people to come back, but refuses to deal with over 10,000 child rapes by priests in a reasonable manner, let alone a respectable, honorable manner.

Did you know that 4% of priests have been accused of child rape? The actual number is probably 2 to 3 times that, since most rapes aren't reported, and all of these children know that the church has tried to silence those that have come forward.

Documented statistics include:

  • 4,392 priests and deacons in the U.S. accused
  • usually, 60% of typical heterosexual rapes of adults aren't reported
  • in normal rape cases, the victim is treated better than the Catholic Church treated children raped by their own priests

The church management, including bishops, cardinals, and the pope himself, has been reprehensible in their attempted cover up of the worst religious scandal of our time

See Wikipedia at and you will be sick to your stomach if you are a Catholic.

Here's a video that shows the bishops' standard approach to the problem:


Catholics come home - Philadelphia PA

The problem still continues in 2011, where 21 priests were accused of child rape in Philadelphia. See

Catholics come home - in Boston and Manchester, NH

Two of the worst offenders in moving pedophile priest from parish to parish were Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston and Bishop John B. McCormack of Manchester, NH.

Cardinal Law has been moved to a great job in Rome, and Bishop McCormack is still bishop in NH.

Catholics come home - but not until the church cleans up the home

Pick a side:

  • You can tolerate child rape
  • You can be violently opposed, which I am. I'm also sickened by the approach of the Church management,
    • who did nothing to help these children until lawyers and court forced them to pay settlements.
    • who hid these pedophiles
    • who hid the truth, breaking a commandment, by the way

Don't support the Church until they make amends for one of the worst crimes of all time.