"Copying First Run Files" Adobe Captivate bug resolution

What an annoying bug, and what an annoying piece of $700 software Captivate is.

Here is what I've discovered - If you have Microsoft Outlook open, or you have Microsoft Outlook's Calendar open, then Adobe Captivate will hang as you are starting it up.  Close them, and it will work.

Their web site doesn't help at all as of 6/30/08.

If this helped you, please email me at patweb@patrickomalley.com

Just a handful of other annoying, inexcusable Captivate bugs include:

  • You can record a session, and if you switch windows, Captivate gets out of sync
  • If you have a text box, and delete any character for an item in a bullet list, it deletes the bullet
  • If you underline any item in a text box, it screws up the text box in a variety of ways
  • It appears to corrupt slides regularly, and there is no utility to check for this corruption