Is email is a hoax, scam or urban legend? 2 minute video

       (note that there is also an abbreviated, not as fun text explanation below)


"Quick hack jobs":

This is just a "quick hack" so that people can see how to find out if an email is a hoax.  It is not my best Elearning work, since that would have required a lot of extra time refining the audio and adding in some special effects to make it more interesting.  I already spent over 25 hours working around the Camtasia audio bug. and the Screencast download bugs.


Text explanation - How do I know if an email is a hoax, a scam, or an urban legend?

If a story (especially from an email) looks really provocative, or too good to be true, research it on Google by doing the following:  

Put in a 5-10 word string from the article, surrounded by quotes, like

                "Pearlas Sandborn and she really is an attorney"


                "Microsoft will pay you $245.00"

and see what comes up.   In either case, you will see a bunch of sites that tell you that this is a hoax.   My favorite line from this hoax is “You are bound to get at least $10, 000.00”.  In fact, whoever started it should be bound, gagged, and fined $10,000.