Facebook - How do I create a fan page for business

Updated for the new Facebook, February, 2010

Here's the bizarre part.  Facebook doesn't have a "business page", but they did create a type of page for bands a long time ago called a "fan page", and that is what Facebook wants businesses to use.  Here's how you set one up.

Note that this is a just quick description to help out the people (like Erin) that have asked me how to do it, since creating a fan page isn't obvious:

  • go to your Facebook home page
  • on the left hand side, in your navigation bar, where the first entry says "News Feed", the 8th one down should say "Ads and Pages". Click it.
  • on the right hand side, at the top, it says +Create Page
    • note that if you have used Facebook advertising in the past, it wil take you immediately to the Ad page, so you must now click Pages on the left navigation
  • you'll have to make some decisions along the way from the drop down menu, and they aren't all obvious.  When in doubt, you can probably go with Local and Other business from the drop down menu.
  • it's probably more important to get listed somehow rather than to wait for Facebook to create perfect categories for you.
  • i strongly recommend that when you put in the name of your business, you also put "keywords" that describe what you do so that search engines can pick up on it.
    • in other words, don't put in "Erin Crowley Studios".  Instead, put in "Erin Crowley Wall Murals in Boston", so that if people are using a search engine, and they look for "wall murals Boston", your business would show up, and they can find you even if they didn't know your name.
    • this is a brilliant tip, and you're welcome

Good luck!

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