Facebook - How do I create an event page

Updated for the new Facebook, February, 2010

Creating an event page on Facebook isn't difficult, but they make it hard to do a few things, like find the place to start.

  • To start - on the left hand side of your Facebook home page, under News Feeds and Messages, click Events, which has a "31" in the icon, meaning 31 days in a month.
  • In the upper right hand corner, click Create an event
  • Fill in all of the appropriate fields
  • Notes:
    • Facebook will automatically put a post on your Wall, so everyone you know will see it
    • Inviting people is a pain in the ass.   You really have to do it one by one.
      • However, there is a technique you can use to speed it up for the long run
      • You can actually put your friends into "Friend Lists", and then invite people to the event by Friend Lists rather than by individual name
      • To do this, click on Friends at the top of your Facebook page, then click on Make a New List on the left.
        • Examples of lists could include
          • Softball friends
          • College friends
          • Prison friends
          • Business friends

Good luck!

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