Facebook mobile warning - Facebook will publish your cell number


  • Did you download Facebook mobile? 
  • Did you know that Facebook puts your phone number in the Info section of your profile?
  • You sure you want that?
  • Check it out, then thank me

Long version:

My new friend Mary Schwager uploaded Facebook mobile recently.  I went to her Facebook profile page to find her email address so that I could send her an email, and saw her phone number.  I told her I thought she was crazy to publish it, and she said she never did.  She finally tracked it to the fact that she downloaded Facebook mobile at one point, and Facebook must have published it.  Yikes.

If you downloaded Facebook mobile, here's where you look:

  • Go to your Home page
  • Click Profile at the top
  • Click the tab for Info
  • Look under Contact Information, where your email is, and see if your phone number is there
    • it will have the format +16175551212

If you see someone who updated their status, and it says "via Facebook mobile" beside their name, here's how you see if their name has been published:

  • Click on their name
  • Click the tab for Info
  • Look under Contact Information, where their email is
  • Call them and warn them
  • This is worst for people who don't really have privacy setting set up

I've told a few people about this, and none of them knew it happened.

Pretty bad, huh?  Pass it on to others ...

I am cool.

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