Facebook tip - Misspell your name, another of my "Pat Tricks"

Do people always misspell your name
Do you still want them to find you on Facebook?
This trick will show you how.

My last name is O'Malley, but people often spell it O'Mally without the "e".  I still want them to be able to find me on Facebook, so I set up a little trick that will make Facebook still find me.  You can use this to put in all of the common misspellings for your name, or you can use it to put in a maiden name.

Here's the undocumented trick:

  • On the top of your Facebook page, click Profile
  • RIght under your name at the top, click Info
  • Put your cursor in the box under the second chunk of information where it says Personal Information
  • On the right, a little blue box appears that says Edit
  • Click the Edit button, and a bunch of text boxes appear
  • Put your misspellings in the About me field
    • the way I do it its to put in the following text

          Common misspellings - O'Mally or O'Maly
  • Click Save Changes at the bottom
  • It takes a while for the Facebook search engine to discover it, but pretty soon you'll be able to find yourself using these misspellings, like Patrick O'Mally

You can use the same technique to

  • put in your maiden name
  • put in nicknames

Cool, huh?  Pass it on to others ...

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