Fox TV story - meet a twitter person you never met in person

February 23, 2011

Ted Daniel, the famous Fox 25 reporter in Boston, is doing an interesting story on Twitter, and you could be in it!

  • The idea
    • he wants to connect people who know each other from Twitter, but have never met in person
    • you must both be non-celebrities
      • this isn't your chance to meet Shaquille O'Neal
    • you must both be in Boston, or get here at your own expense
    • you will meet each other, and Ted will do a story about you
    • the story may involve multiple people

Tweet Ted by sending an @mention to and telling him you'd like to be a part of the story.


Tweet about it:

Know someone from Twitter you've never met "live"? Do you live in #Boston? Want to meet on Fox-TV? See