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Geocomply doesn't work at wynnbet

So annoying. The Wynnbet site will tell you how to install Geocomply, but NOT how to activate it.

The problem is that you blocked "pop-ups", so you have to allow them for a gambling site in order to use it.

And online documentation is wrong, so here's how to get it to work.
  • For Google Chrome:
    • to the left of the URL in the address bar, there is a "lock" icon, meaning you blocked pop ups
    • click the lock
    • at the bottom, click "Site settings"
    • Under "Permissions", then "Location", change it to "Allow", then click elsewhere on the page to get it to set
    • About 8 entries down, it says "Pop ups and redirects", and click that to Allow, then click elsewhere on the page to get it to set
    • go back to the Wynnbet web site, and get into the Sportsbook, and it should work
    • It may ask you "To apply updated setting to the site, reload the page", and you should click Reload
    • Then send me all the money you win
    • Actually, it would be cool if you sent me an email at pat9@patrickomalley.com with "Geocomply" in the subject if this helped, just so I know

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