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Linkedin training tip - get introduced through a connection

Quick answer:

  • If they are a 2nd level connection, and you are looking at their profile, in the upper right hand corner, it should say
      • Send InMail
      • Get introduced through a connection
      • Add Jerry to your network
    • Click the middle one, and pick a person that should pass the introduction on
    • Note - sometimes the line isn't there, and I'm not sure why
      • It may be because they have set up their profile to indicate that they are not accepting introductions
  • If you are looking at a set of search results, hover the mouse over one of the results, and in the upper right hand corner, a link will appear that will say "Get introduced"
    • this technique appears to work more often
    • if you have 4 mutual connections, it will allow you to choose the connection you want to be introducted through

More details on why I prefer a phone call:

Note that I don't like the "LinkedIn introduction" approach. If someone is a 2nd level connection, I think that you should call the mutual friend on the phone and ask to be introduced, rather than going through the LinkedIn introduction sequence, which requires the following
  • send the introduction
  • wait for the "shared connection" to get it
  • hope they can figure it out (since it is somewhat confusing)
  • have them pass it on
  • have the target person respond

The pony express was faster.



My LinkedIn keynote demo video:


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