Dial phone numbers more easily from the road

  • Great for sales people or frequent talkers, like myself
  • Send text messages to your phone with phone numbers inside the text message text messages

You can send a text message to your phone with phone numbers in it, and as long as the numbers are in the format xxx-xxx-xxxx with no parentheses, your phone will be able to dial them in just a couple of clicks!

You have to try it to appreciate the coolness of it. For example, if you sent the message

Lindsay Lohan 324-597-3422
Paris Hilton 767-667-8336
Britney Spears 967-786-6669

to your phone, if you then

  • Read the message
  • Hit the SEND key

Most cell phones will figure out that there are 3 phone numbers there, and you can

  • hit the down arrow to choose a number
  • hit the SEND key to dial the number
    • It is now in your phone and can be added as a contact
    • You can now call these numbers in two or three clicks instead of typing in a ten digit number

I use this all the time on LG phones, but if it works differently on your phone, please email me at patweb@patrickomalley.com

This is really useful if you have a bunch of sales or personal calls to make while you are on the road

  • Note that someone else (secretary, assistant, colleague) could send you the phone numbers
  • Do not send more than 131 characters in a message, or it will be sent as multiple messages
  • If you actually call these three girls, email me some pictures