Matt Heaton, Bluehost CEO, scumbag

This story is my opinion, based on actual facts given, since I'm sure that a scumbag like Matt Heaton has lots of scumbag lawyers.

I hosted a website at Bluehost, mostly because Wordpress recommended them. I later read on the internet that Bluehost and Wordpress have some kind of financial relationship, which all makes sense now.

I was changing my website from yearly billing to monthly billing, because I wanted to leave them anyways. It took a lot of work to find out that I even could go to monthly billing, but they don't mind wasting your time.

When they were on the phone with me, getting my credit card info to change my payments to monthly payments, they didn't tell me that I had to renew my domain name with them the next month, and that it had to be done separately.

In other words, even though they had my credit card, they wouldn't charge it the $10 to keep my domain name alive.


  • they let my domain name expire
  • which made my site go unavailable
  • didn't tell me about it
  • and charged me SEVENTY DOLLARS to renew it, when it would have been $10 if they had just charged it in the first place
  • refused to call me back even though I said I wasted to talk to a manager

Matt Heaton is the CEO and a scumbag, but he knows how to keep your money.



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