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US National Debt per taxpayer - $104,000 in August, 2011:

Analysis done on August 2, 2011, and it's worse today.

Why break it down like this?

The National Debt is 14.3 Trillion dollars, but let's face it, most people can't relate to over a billion of anything. Let's break it down to cost per person. The numbers change, but you can plug in the new numbers as you see fit. It will still scare you, and will destroy your children.

National Debt facts with references:

Other US National Debt fun facts:

  • If each taxpayer decided to take out a monthly mortgage to pay the national debt
    • to pay their $104,000
    • over 30 years
    • at 6%
    • the payment on that mortgage would be $594 per month for 30 years
    • after 30 years, you would get nothing
      • but the country would be out of debt
  • Also, if your neighbor can't pay his, you have to pay it.
  • Each trillion added adds about $7,246 to the total
    • Recent costs
      • The financial bailout of 2009, all $850 billion of it, will add $6,159
      • The health plan? $1.6 trillion over 10 years? That's $14,400 per taxpayer if they estimate it properly
        • they estimated Boston's big dig at 2 Billion, and it cost 15 billion
      • I think a health plan is nice, but at that price, it better include
        • massages
        • free food
  • In August of 2011, the new debt ceiling allowed us to spend another 2.4 trillion dollars that we don't have.
    • This will add $17,390 to the $104,000 we already owe (per taxpayer), but don't forget to add interest to that

The shameful truth;

If you're annoyed that your 5 year old can't help, don't worry, he and his children will have to pay all of it someday...



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