New Facebook - are your statuses missing, is it slow?

Feb 10, 2010

1) Here's one potential problem with the new Facebook. It didn't cause problems for me, but you should check for yourself:

FACEBOOK IS BLOCKING ALL YOUR FRIENDS' NEWS FEEDS EXCEPT THE 250 THEY CHOOSE. TO UNDO: from HOME page, select MOST RECENT and scroll to bottom of page, click "Edit Options" (to the right side ~ left side is "older posts"). Select NEWS... FEED SETTINGS. reset 250 to 5000 for FB's maximum friend limit

2) If you just want to see people's status updates, here is a blog entry that I wrote that can show you how to just see Facebook status updates

3) If you want to eliminate the foolish things that Facebook puts in your News feed, like

  • XXXXX and YYYYY are now friends
  • XXXXX is now friends with WWWWW and VVVVV
  • XXXXX became a fan of ZZZZZ Top
  • XXXXX just picked up a potato in Farmville
  • XXXXX just joined the group Boyz to Men

my first advice is to get rid of friend XXXXX.

Not just in Facebook, but in real life.

Next, there is a cool new way to use Facebook and eliminate all that stuff, but

Much more on this later.


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