Paduchowski video, Boston's worst videographer

Paduchowski video, Boston's worst video company, and why

I paid Paduchoswki video to do a simple video shoot for me near Boston, MA, and like most of your videos, it was a one shot deal. I was speaking to 50 people in a seminar and gave him simple instructions - do a video from the back of the room, and make it clear that there are a 50 of peol einthe room, so do a lit of distance shots

Paduchowski video's terrible results

I got back about 10 different files, and wonders why a 60 minute presentation was even in more than one or two files. When I got home, I found out that there were gaps between all of the videos, and there are some gaps as long as 7 minutes.


RIdiculous. Even the stuff that he did capture was badly shot.

When I approached him about a refund, he said, "I'll do the next one for free".

No thanks, I need the next one done right.

My other videographer's videos instead ot Paduchowski videos

If you look on my web site, you can see good videos done by other videographers.