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Patrick O'Malley, aka 617patrick, head shots

  • I apologize, because they all look like me...
    • others available on request
    • action shots at bottom

Standard head shot, open arms, looking like the one here

617-PATRICK head shot open arms


Below, right click, then say "Save as..." in order to save them

patrick omalley black and white


patrick omalley head shot in color


Keynote Speaker demo video for (617)-PATRICK:

Pictures from keynotes on social media

social media speaker       

Social Media (LinkedIn) for MPI in Salt Lake City

social media speaker


Social Media in Atlanta



LinkedIn at JVS


Google AdWords at National Speaker's Association (NSA) Branding session, May 4, 2008

mpi atlanta meetdifferent

LinkedIn & Facebook at MPI MeetDifferent Atlanta 2009



Social Media - BestEvents Boston, Oct 2009



Social Media - MPI< Heartland, Iowa, Oct 2009



Social Media - MPI Atlanta



LinkedIn - AMS at Bentley College

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  • LinkedIn is not spelled Linked In