Peter Chetkin - one reason Citizen's Bank sucks:

Citizen's Bank changes credit card companies, so I get charged a $25 fee??

Citizen's Bank evidently had a lover's quarrel with Mastercard, so they forced everyone to change cards ahead of their normal schedule. For me, it was 18 months ahead of schedule. They claim that they sent me a card, but I never got it. They also claim that they sent a tlot of nitices, but if you're like me, you get a ton of crap from banks, and they are all tryig to sell you equitly lines or reasons to change your bank or something else, and if you read them all in detail, it would waste a lot of your time.

The result is that I went to CItizen's Bank to get my own money out and they said I coudn't because my card no longer worked. They made a change that was convenient for them, and now I had to use the new card. Somewhere in a stack of mail somewhere, they may have sent me a card. Soemwhere in a stack of mail somewhere, they may hvae sent me notices about it, but I'm guessing I threw them out because they were the same as other banking crap.


  • I can't get my own money out of their bank
  • I have to wait 5 days to get a new card
  • I'm going to be charged $25

This is all because they decided to change credit card companies from Mastercard to Visa.

Peter Chetkin explains this to me, telling me that banks have a bunch of fees, and I should have paid close attention to my mail. Hey, Peter Chetkin, banks shoudln't waste my time. They shouldn't be changing credit card vendors and forcing me to change ards. They shoudln't send out long winded mail about it, and they shouldn't send me junk mail that wastes more of my time.

I can't dump Citizen's Bank immediately, but I will as soon as I can.