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Developing Presentations Faster with ChatGPT and AI

Seminar Description:

ChatGPT and AI will revolutionize the way you do presentations, and at least double the speed at which you develop presentations.

In this seminar, we will give you the basic concepts necessary to write and deliver a solid presentation. Take aways will include:

  • Speed up your research with some AI tools
  • Speed up your first draft of text, and of slides
  • Add some "Wow factor" with special effects using AI tools
  • How presentations will change in the future, and how you can stay ahead of the curve
  • Much more

This is an exciting new ear with all of these time saving tools, and you want to beat your competitioni to the punch by working MUCH faster than them.

Your action item:

  • Call me at 617-PATRICK, i.e. 617-728-7425 or email at patweb@patrickomalley.com
  • See what I can do to help you
    • on the phone
    • for free
    • until you know you need me and want to do business

Demo video for Keynote Speaker (617)-PATRICK: