Send text messages to cell phones from email

You can actually send text messages to your cell phone from email!

You just have to know what carrier the recipient is using. For example, to send a text message to someone who has cell service from Verizon,

  • If their phone number is 617-555-1234, the email address for their cell phone will be those numbers (without the hyphens) followed by
  • Therefore, send the email to the address
    • The message that you send will show up on their phone
    • The subject line is surrounded by parentheses
    • The body of the message is shown as normal text
    • Note that any text message over 131 characters becomes two messages, so be brief
    • And remove any long email “signatures”
  • Other carriers have other email addresses
  • The most popular ones are
    • AT&T
    • Sprint PCS
    • T-Mobile
    • Cingular
    • Cingular Blue (formerly AT&T Wireless)
    • Nextel
  • Others can be found at
  • If the above URL doesn’t work, try my page that lists
  • Note that I have not tested them all, so please email me at if you find inaccuracies
  • Pretty cool, and in less than two minutes, right?


My Social Media keynote demo video:

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