Social Media for Inside Sales Professionals - Seminar Description

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Social Media – The What, The Why, And The ROI - For Inside Sales People

You constantly hear about Social Media like LinkedIn, Twitter, et cetera, but think it’s a waste of time, right?  For many people, it is.  However, for inside sales and marketing people, there is power in social media that should change the way you do business.  if you use each tool properly, you can gain a huge edge over your competition, and potentially get sales that were impossible without it.

In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • use my own innovative techniques to search LinkedIn to find your target market
  • find referrals in LinkedIn
  • see what your target prospects are saying in Twitter, and how to talk to them
  • find a lot of your competitor’s client list on Twitter
  • avoid mistakes most new social media users make
  • use YouTube for business
  • advertise on Facebook in a way you probably didn’t know was possible

and you'll have fun learning it.

Come join us to learn about the cutting edge of social media, and find out how you can transform your business before your competition transforms their business.

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Note that

  • I do NOT work for LinkedIn Corporation, and am not affiliated with LinkedIn Corporation in any way.
  • LinkedIn is not spelled Linked In