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Social Media and branding consultant, Boston, NECN TV, on Google rankings, (617)-PATRICK, Feb 2013, w/ Steve Aveson


What happens when Google results for your name aren’t accurate?
My interview with Steve Aveson, rock star anchor at NECN…

  • Do a Google search for your name
    • Look for the things employers might look for, like
      • “Patrick O’Malley” arrested
    • because they want to see if you’ve been arrested
  • Get "Google alerts" by email, for free, if anyone adds a page to the Internet that has your name in it
  • See if there is a person with your name who has a checkered past
    • Tell potential employers, dates, etc.
  • Fixing an inaccurate page can be very difficult and time consuming, but here are a few tips
    • Buy your domain name, ex: youname.com for $10 a year
    • Do a Google search for "online reputation management"; Google has a free tool that shows up in the results, such as how to remove a webpage from Google searches
    • Create a Facebook page and LinkedIn profile, since they will rank highly



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