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Testimonial: Joe Wentworth recommends social media speaker Patrick O'Malley, aka (617)-PATRICK

LinkedIn testimonial from Joe Wentworth's LinkedIn page:


My name is Joe Wentworth, I am currently the NH HR State Council Social Media Advisor and past-President of the Human Resources Association of Greater Concord.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Patrick O'Malley give a couple of different presentations, one geared towards HR professionals, and one geared primarily to recruiters.

The first time I saw him, to be honest, I wasn't expecting much. Social Media has been a buzzword in HR for a few years now and everyone thinks they are an expert. It is one of the topics that I get bored with as most speakers rehash the same info repeatedly. When I left the first session with Pat, I immediately walked away with at least a dozen tips that I could implement on the spot to increase my effectiveness in recruiting. In addition he has shared with me tips on how to improve my SEO, my personal branding on Linkedin, tip saving techniques and shortcuts as well as how to help my business be more visible.

Pat O'Malley is engaging, funny, and a true expert on all things social media. He doesn't try to convince you to use all forms, but rather how to see which platforms will help you achieve success in your business and personal life.

If you have any questions about the effectiveness of Patricks seminars, please feel free to call me at 603-225-7300. Sorry I don't have a cool number like 617-Patrick.

Joe Wentworth
Interim - Manager Learning & Development /Talent Acquisition Business Partner
October 1, 2013, Joe was a client of Patrick’s

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