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Is Twitter useful? Fundamentals, insight, stories, and why its a waste of time for 90% of people (Seminar Description):

What does Twitter stand for?

Time Wasted In Tracking Tiny Egotistical Rants

Most people don't understand Twitter. I'll make it easy and interesting in this fun-filled, story-filled session that is designed for the beginner, but will still teach the experts a few things.

Mostly, you will learn why Twitter is a waste of time for 90% of people, and you will learn how to tell when and if it starts becoming worth your while.

You will get a bunch of useful and insightful take-aways, including:

  • the 10 minute monthly test you can perform to see if its worth starting to use twitter
  • how to find your competitors clients on Twitter
  • how to find out if your competitors are wasting their time on Twitter
  • many other useful tips

You will also hear stories about people who have ruined their lives or careers by making mistakes on Twitter, and those who have been successful in business due to Twitter, and you will learn whether they can apply to you yet.

Mostly, you will learn whether Twitter is a waste of time for you yet, and how to find out when it will be worth it.

My background in Social Media and Internet Marketing:

Social Media speaking clients include:

  • American Marketing Association (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Harvard School of Public Health (LinkedIn)
  • Small Business Administration (LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Meeting Professionals International (LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Johns Hopkins University Alumni (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Association of Service and Computer Dealers International

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