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Social Networking consultant, Boston, on technology in a shooting emergency


What should you do in an emergency like the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard?

Tip for individuals:

  • shut of the ringer on your cell phone (so you don't alert the shooter if you get a call)

Tip for companies:

  • you want to be able to notify your employees through a text message, and there is actually a way that you can send a text message to hundreds of employees through email, but you have to know the email address that corresponds to their phone
  • the address will have the format xxxxxxxxxx@vtext.com for Verizon users, where xxxxxxxxxx is their phone number. For other carriers, see sending text messages to cell phones from email
    • Alternate trick - send a text message to an email address from your phone. When you read the email, the return address is the address of your phone for text messages



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