Michael Walton recommends (617)-PATRICK after accounting firm speech

Text - Michael Walton recommends (617)-PATRICK after accounting firm speech at Brown Edwards

Mike Walton is the DIrector Of Business Development for the high end accounting firm, BrownEdwards in Roanoke, VA, and he gave me a video testimonial after a speech I gave to 300 people at his company.

His comments:

"I’m Mike Walton, I’m Director Of Business Development for Brown Edwards, a large CPA firm in Roanoke Virginia.

I just want to tell you, we heard a speech today by Patrick O'Malley.

Fantastic speech.  We learned a great deal about social media and how to utilize social media for networking, sales, and marketing.

I was in Austin, Texas, just this last month in learned a lot about social media.  It was very technology-influenced conference.

Patrick actually gave us a lot of tips and actually gave us some great information that sort of contradicted some of the information out there but the thing I like about Patrick was he proved it.

He focused on things were the best use of our time for CPA marketing, utilizing social media. 

Fantastic speaker, highly entertaining, I would highly recommended him."

For more information about booking Patrick O'Malley for Sales Training on Social Media, email patweb@patrickomalley.com or call 617-PATRICK, i.e. 617-728-7425.

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