Social Media speaker testimonial for 617-PATRICK from Emmy award winner & Tonight Show writer Bill Stainton

Bill Stainton won 29 Emmy awards, mostly while he was the team lead for the comedy writing team on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. One of my largest compliments.

Bill Stainton recommends (617)-PATRICK, Sales Speaker/trainer in this testimonial

I just saw one of the most electrifying performances in my life, and I did not see it coming. It came from a guy with a ridiculous name of 617-Patrick. We are at the National Convention for the National Speakers Association. We routinely, here, give standing ovations to everybody, it’s kind of just what we do to show respect and support to our colleagues. This guy did a performance in five minutes or less, that was so ridiculously good, we were compelled to shoot to our feet. I’ve been coming to the NSA for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an electrifying performance like that. He’s certainly in the top 3, I’m guessing probably number one. This guy is amazing.

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