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  • Fantastic session, as always. I've seen Patrick before in Salt Lake. I'm a massive fan, but I got so much more on how to use Facebook for business, and how to block those friends that I don't want to see. The LinkedIn stuff is great, the baby story is awesome, and just learning stuff on Twitter that I'm just trying to get my head around. So, love you, Patrick. You're awesome. Thanks.
    • Marsha (Fahir) Sharpe, MPI, Song Division

  • Patrick's class was fantastic. I've been on LinkedIn for 4-5 years and used it very little. After this class today, I'm very enthused to try it, get into it, and I think I will gain many new contacts, and hopefully, some great business. Thanks, Patrick.

  • I love Pat because I use a lot of his tips to help other people that now see me as sort of an expert because he has made me a little bit of an expert on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, et cetera
    • Robyn McCamy, MPI, Destination Nashville

For more information about booking Patrick O'Malley as a Linkedin speaker, email patweb@patrickomalley.com or call 617-PATRICK, i.e. 617-728-7425.

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